halloween adventures.

Every year my group of friends from high school have an annual Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party. There are Halloween decorations, Pandora’s Halloween station on blast, and tacos. Yes, tacos. They are welcome for all seasons. What we will remember of this years party, won’t be the regular festivities or the good company. The series events following will forever haunt us.


Alison enlightened us that a mansion near her job had a haunted house. So we decide to drive there to check it out. We see groups of people walking in, so we assume the haunted house is active. We then proceed to ask someone and they say it’s not until the next evening.


It’s dark and this is a HUGE mansion. So I naturally assume that this property has a loop as a drive way because it’s so fancy. So I drive farther in.


My car is out of commission, so I’m driving a friends four door truck. And Erika is sitting in a toddlers car seat (*it was a 2 minute drive- we were safe*) due to the lack of space.

Well come to find out that the property did NOT have a loop. I ended up driving into a very narrow driveway where I am not capable of doing a three point turn in this truck. As I’m attempting to maneuver out, we look to our right and there are a group of 10-20 people at a party watching us do so through a gigantic window.

We then realize we just trespassed onto a multi-millionaire’s property and in a way, crashing their party- but I’m not capable of backing out quickly to escape the embarrassment of our current predicament . So one the girls in our group, Aldyn, decides to get out of the truck to guide me out of the drive way because it’s clear that I’m not making any progress.

*When she opens the door, the inside lights turn on and I hear Erika yell “Oh my gosh. They see me sitting in a car seat! Close the door! Close the door! OH MY GOSH!”*

As Aldyn is trying to navigate me out- a halloween prop that’s motion censored lets out a roaring sound. This precious girl does not like scary things, so she reacts by screaming for 10 seconds straight, trying to get in the truck, that is locked. At the moment, I didn’t realize because I had both Alison and Ashley yelling me directions on how to get me out. Aldyn ends up hiding in the bed of the truck.

*I did not know this following part until afterwards*

The 10-20 people from the party decided to come outside stared at us because they heard the screaming and stood there watching me try to maneuver this truck out of this property. Come to find out this is when Ali was ducking into the truck, covering her face.


I did eventually get us out of the private property despite yelling of conflicting instructions from four different people all at once.

“Oh my gosh! This is so embarrassing!”

"Emmy! They are watching us!"
"Turn Right!"
"No LEFT!"
"Turn the wheel hard!"
"Stop! You're too close to the wall!"
"Emmy! Just get us out of here!!"

To the fancy people that got to witness these series of events- You’re welcome for the entertainment.

Emmy: That was hilarious.

Alison: That was mortifying.

Emmy: Best night ever.

Alison: We have a different idea of a good time.