a thai tragedy.

I’ve been told that I “live a life of unfortunate events.” Over time, I’ve found that to be more and more true. In the humorous light, of course.

The other day I took myself out on a date night to a local Thai restaurant. I sat at the bar with my current book and treated myself to yummy food with a glass of wine. While reading and sipping on my drink, I managed to miss my mouth and spill all over my book. In the midst of trying to save my book- I overcorrected, which led to me splashing my wine all over the counter and on to the gentlemen sitting next to me. I got wine all over his pants.

Well apparently that’s how you get a guys attention given the fact he asked for my contact information.

I think what got him hooked was me yelling “Oh My Gosh!! It’s all over your crotch!!!! … At least it’s white wine and not red wine, right?! Oh Gosh! I’m so sorry!” all while throwing napkins at him.

I like to pride myself on my gracefulness. It’s definitely one of my finest qualities as a human.

… And the ability to laugh at my life at times.


mountains, please.

It’s currently November and we have been rocking some 80* weather here in Florida. Today we dipped down to a low 68* for a few hours in the morning, which made me lust for some chilly mountain hiking. This last March I went on a short trip to visit family in South Carolina. My sister and I managed to slip away to explore some of the DuPont State Park before the sun escaped us. As a Floridian, anything not flat or humid is crazy exciting. Even after spending eight hours in a vehicle. We were determined.


  IMG_7718   IMG_7748


IMG_7712    IMG_7705


IMG_7702   IMG_7716




Dear Mountains,

I will see you soon.


That Floridian Girl.

my main man.

I thought with me stepping into blogging world, y’all need a proper introduction to the man in my life.


He’s my cuddle buddy.

He’s awesome.

He’s hairy.

He’ll kiss anyone.

He hates fruits & veggies but likes avocados.

He has excellent posture.

He’s very odd.

He has anxiety issues.

And he often smells like wet dog.


Aka: Maxwell Obediah. My dog.


Yes. My dog has a middle name and he rocks it.

Let’s just get this out there. I’m the stereotypical single, twenty-something girl that posts entirely too many pictures of her dog. Just embrace it friends and get ready for some highly entertaining stories to come your way.


be still.


“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

Psalm 46:10

The last months have been a whirlwind of trials, which have put me in a place of focusing on areas where I fall short. As a follower of Christ, there will be areas where we need to face head on and make war with spiritually. It’s foreign and uncomfortable. During seasons of working on these uncomfortable realizations, this verse has always showered me with comfort.

Despite what we’re battling, we have a precious father that is waiting for us to stop and come to Him to unload and find peace.