a thai tragedy.

I’ve been told that I “live a life of unfortunate events.” Over time, I’ve found that to be more and more true. In the humorous light, of course.

The other day I took myself out on a date night to a local Thai restaurant. I sat at the bar with my current book and treated myself to yummy food with a glass of wine. While reading and sipping on my drink, I managed to miss my mouth and spill all over my book. In the midst of trying to save my book- I overcorrected, which led to me splashing my wine all over the counter and on to the gentlemen sitting next to me. I got wine all over his pants.

Well apparently that’s how you get a guys attention given the fact he asked for my contact information.

I think what got him hooked was me yelling “Oh My Gosh!! It’s all over your crotch!!!! … At least it’s white wine and not red wine, right?! Oh Gosh! I’m so sorry!” all while throwing napkins at him.

I like to pride myself on my gracefulness. It’s definitely one of my finest qualities as a human.

… And the ability to laugh at my life at times.


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