cumberland island.

The last month has been one for the books. While I adore my jobs, a day trip always helps get my mind off of upcoming errands and pesky, never-ending to do lists. For months now, I’ve been itching to visit Cumberland island, so I convinced a friend to join me. Forty-five minutes of driving and we arrived in St. Marys, Georgia.


Cumberland Island is such a captivating place. You can spot sea turtles, dolphins swimming close to shore, bobcats, wild horses, and ruins of a Carnegie mansion. We were lucky enough to encounter a herd of horses greet us after the forty-five minute ferry ride to the island.


The island is full of history! A phone-guided tour allowed us to learn about the important landmarks we visited. History buffs: this is right up your alley.

Click on images for closer view

There are miles of trails scattered throughout the island accompanied by giant Live Oaks draped with Spanish moss.


While following one of the trails we found ourselves walking through miles of sand dunes to a windy shoreline filled with seashells.

We were on the island for five hours and felt like we still had so much left to explore. There will be another trip out there in the near future!




Until next time, Cumberland Island!

Next time may need to include some camping! 😉




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