Girl’s Weekend Getaway: Part II

How do you imagine waking up while you are on vacation?

Scrumptious breakfast?


Birds chirping?

Ha! My workout buddy and I woke up the gang by laughing at ourselves while attempting Hip Hop Abs.


“You see how they’re getting in it and twerking? Just do the wobble.”

I’m clearly born to be a hip-hop dancer.


After sipping on my Shakeology on the patio and taking in a view of the marsh, we packed some sandwiches and headed over to Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens. I would like to say we decided to go there because of the history behind the location, but I’d be lying. With a group of five girls, you can only assume they went to Boone Hall because that’s where the movie, “The Notebook” was filmed! Yes, we found the spots where Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams stood, but we also learned loads of history that is behind this property.


We went on a trolley tour, where we were able to see most of the 738 acres of land and learned the backstory of it all! We also got to explore the mansion and check out the self-guided tours of the slave houses (one of my favorites).



After hours of exploring Boone Hall we headed back to our condo to rest and get ready for a night on the town. Incase you were wondering, catching up on reruns of Catfish is always a necessity in glam time.

We started the night having dinner  at “Slightly North of the Border”- aka the S.N.O.B. When I tell you they can make delicious food, that is truly an understatement. I will never look at pork chops the same way. Additionally, when I say that this was a fancy establishment, I mean it is the real deal. I may or may not have been shunned by one of the girls for snap chatting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to document about how your napkin appeared folded into a pyramid every time you stepped away from the table? In my defense, my idea of fine dining is typically Chick-fil-a and Brusters (aka #NannnyLife).

We decided to walk off all of the wonderful food we had just consumed and explore the nightlife of the Charleston Historic District. All weekend we were constantly checking our weather apps in fear of getting rained on. Thankfully the weather was on our side and we got to see the city with clear skies!


The last item on our itinerary was checking out a ghost tour. While it wasn’t what we expected, we still got to learn more history of the city and ghost sightings. One of the highlights of the tour was checking out a dungeon that dates back hundreds of years!


We finished the night at our condo with some key lime wine and chips and guacamole while in our pajamas. In my opinion, that’s the perfect way to end a day of endless exploring.

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Until next time!

xoxo emmy


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egg muffins.

Breakfast foods are the best. Can I get an amen?!

Yet, it’s so easy to skip when we’re in a rush. I’m guilty of waking up ten minutes before needing to leave for work. Giving just enough time to throw clothes on and dash out of the door! So, here’s a simple recipe to do on those Sunday night meal preps and you’re all set for your breakfasts for that crazy week! You’re welcome in advance 😉



Preheat oven to 350*

Dice tomatoes, protein, tomatoes, and spinach.


Cover pan with non stick spray and add diced ingredients with cheese.


Add egg whites 1/3 from the top.


Put in oven for 20-25 minutes. Wait until the top of the eggs are golden.


Let sit for 10-15 minutes.


On those rushed mornings, throw them in the microwave for 30 seconds and you’re good!

Don’t compromise on breakfast.

You’re worth it 😉


P.S. ~ You should know, my mother who cringes when I say “it’s healthy” when cooking even liked this recipe. 

That should speak volumes, friends!

cupcakes anonymous.

Hey friends!

I’m starting a group for those of us that need a little more accountability or guidance in eating healthier! If you think you qualify for a Cupcakes Anonymous* group, Check this out!! Find recipes, tips, and encouragement- join me in learning simple ways and recipes to eating healthier!


Chick here to join this group!!

*If you’re like me, you’re the CEO of Tacos Anonymous 😉

xoxo emmy

my strong start.


Looking back over the last few years, I’ve put myself on a roller coaster of “Getting Healthy!” and “Well life happens- I’ll get back to being healthy tomorrow.” I put stop signs every other block on my goal of being the healthiest version of myself. I skipped out on my workouts to binge watch NetFlix. I treated myself to one too many tacos.

My inner “White Mexican” can get the best of me 😉.

I have stopped buying jeans before because I didn’t want to go up another pants size. I couldn’t stay consistent or accountable to myself. The START is always the hardest part.

I reconnected with my BeachBody family and was flooded with resources and encouragement. Yes, I’m human and I slip up at times. Overtime I’ve learned ways to overcome my temptations and am consistently supported by my team. Am I a fitness expert? Ha! Maybe one day. 😉  But I’m a pretty legit cheerleader!


If your START is the hardest part and need encouragement to start your START off strong and tips to help you along the way- I’m here. I’d love to share what I’ve learned while on this weight loss journey with you!

Girls Getaway Weekend: Part I

I’m one lucky gal. I have been blessed with the most lovely, funny, Christ-like, beautiful friends. It’s rare to say that some of those friends date as far back to my awkward middle school and high school days.

Actually, I’m not sure I’ve necessarily grown out of that “awkward stage,” but I digress.

I recently got back from our first girl’s getaway to South Carolina with these ladies, with the exception of missing one of our very loved girlfriends that couldn’t join us on this trip.


We packed a Mazda full of luggage, snacks, and girl talk. We started our five-hour road trip to Charleston, South Carolina with ‘90s tunes blasting full volume. How else are you supposed to go on weekend getaway without the classics?


Our first stop when arriving was grabbing some grub at a place called Poogan’s Porch. Odd name, right? Before it was a restaurant, the house was owned by a family who had buried the neighborhood dog, Poogan. You’ll see a plaque next to the porch steps, honoring the pup that roamed the block.


*click on picture to enlarge view*

After filling our stomachs with some top notch southern food, we headed towards the City Market. I found hundreds of vendors selling homemade jewelry, sweet grass baskets, pottery, art, food, décor, etc. I found out that this market was originally built in 1788! It had a $5.5 dollar remodel in 2010 to preserve the historic landmark.


All throughout the city were quaint, beautifully decorated boutiques.

We then headed to check out the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park, which led us to spotting dolphins following a ferry in the harbor. The park was full of old-fashioned benches, flowers, and plenty of space to lie down and have some picnic time.


Our last stop of the day was easily our favorite place to snap some pictures, Rainbow Row. It’s the longest cluster of Georgia row houses in the United States, all colored in different pastel colors in the 1930’s and 1940’s.


We ended the day with fajitas and ice cream at our condo in Folly Beach. Mexican food and dessert- is always the best way to end the day, am I right?


Stay posted for another glimpse into what the rest of the Girls Getaway was full of!

Shout out to my lady friends for letting me use some of their pictures

 xoxo emmy

i don’t need to handle this.


A truth I’ve learned: the situation does not have to be absolutely perfect {how I view perfect} in order for God to show up, be the center of it, and do something crazy amazing with it. We may think we are missing a certain person {people} from it, we aren’t in the right location {time} for it, or not prepared enough to handle it, but then God’s all like: “hey, I’m God, let me handle this.”