Girls Getaway Weekend: Part I

I’m one lucky gal. I have been blessed with the most lovely, funny, Christ-like, beautiful friends. It’s rare to say that some of those friends date as far back to my awkward middle school and high school days.

Actually, I’m not sure I’ve necessarily grown out of that “awkward stage,” but I digress.

I recently got back from our first girl’s getaway to South Carolina with these ladies, with the exception of missing one of our very loved girlfriends that couldn’t join us on this trip.


We packed a Mazda full of luggage, snacks, and girl talk. We started our five-hour road trip to Charleston, South Carolina with ‘90s tunes blasting full volume. How else are you supposed to go on weekend getaway without the classics?


Our first stop when arriving was grabbing some grub at a place called Poogan’s Porch. Odd name, right? Before it was a restaurant, the house was owned by a family who had buried the neighborhood dog, Poogan. You’ll see a plaque next to the porch steps, honoring the pup that roamed the block.


*click on picture to enlarge view*

After filling our stomachs with some top notch southern food, we headed towards the City Market. I found hundreds of vendors selling homemade jewelry, sweet grass baskets, pottery, art, food, décor, etc. I found out that this market was originally built in 1788! It had a $5.5 dollar remodel in 2010 to preserve the historic landmark.


All throughout the city were quaint, beautifully decorated boutiques.

We then headed to check out the Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park, which led us to spotting dolphins following a ferry in the harbor. The park was full of old-fashioned benches, flowers, and plenty of space to lie down and have some picnic time.


Our last stop of the day was easily our favorite place to snap some pictures, Rainbow Row. It’s the longest cluster of Georgia row houses in the United States, all colored in different pastel colors in the 1930’s and 1940’s.


We ended the day with fajitas and ice cream at our condo in Folly Beach. Mexican food and dessert- is always the best way to end the day, am I right?


Stay posted for another glimpse into what the rest of the Girls Getaway was full of!

Shout out to my lady friends for letting me use some of their pictures

 xoxo emmy


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