my strong start.


Looking back over the last few years, I’ve put myself on a roller coaster of “Getting Healthy!” and “Well life happens- I’ll get back to being healthy tomorrow.” I put stop signs every other block on my goal of being the healthiest version of myself. I skipped out on my workouts to binge watch NetFlix. I treated myself to one too many tacos.

My inner “White Mexican” can get the best of me 😉.

I have stopped buying jeans before because I didn’t want to go up another pants size. I couldn’t stay consistent or accountable to myself. The START is always the hardest part.

I reconnected with my BeachBody family and was flooded with resources and encouragement. Yes, I’m human and I slip up at times. Overtime I’ve learned ways to overcome my temptations and am consistently supported by my team. Am I a fitness expert? Ha! Maybe one day. 😉  But I’m a pretty legit cheerleader!


If your START is the hardest part and need encouragement to start your START off strong and tips to help you along the way- I’m here. I’d love to share what I’ve learned while on this weight loss journey with you!


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