year twenty-six. day three.

“I was like Jane swinging tree to tree looking for my Tarzan.”

How I explained day three of birthday festivities.

So, Day 3 started with a drive to Ocala, Florida for some zip lining. I’ve always had zip lining on my bucket list. The thought of it seemed exhilarating yet terrifying. The perfect combination, right?!


One of my dear lady friends’ birthday is a mere week from mine. Naturally, I proposed in honor of us being the two grannies of the group, and we should kick off year twenty-six with some zip lining! Out of the six of us, we could only persuade one of them to bark on this adventure with us. While we were out flying tree to tree, they were busy praying that we didn’t die. Well, that’s what I like to think.


The instructors were wonderful! They helped ease anyone whose nerves were heightened. They made sure they knew all of our names before leaving for the tour and made sure we were comfortable. The property was also gorgeous! When searching for places that offered zip lining, I found some local places that would have been a shorter drive. But what stood out about “Zip The Canyons”, was the scenery! We were zip lining past cliff walls and lakes, not just climbing up a tree to fly over dirt. It was well worth the two-hour drive.


They have two different tours. We chose the Express tour that consisted of five zip lines and one rope bridge, which took about 1.5 hours, a/k/a the shorter one, so we can test out the waters.

Jalen is awesome and got a GoPro to document out adventure and made this!
Thanks, Jalen!




After our zip lining adventure, we freshened up to grab dinner with our scaredy cats to grab some Mexican food. Shocking, I know. We then finished by grabbing some ice cream (or sorbet for my lactose-intolerant life) at one of my favorite creameries in Avondale.

I was reallyy forcing that smile. I see it, we all see it. Don’t judge me. It’s not nice to judge. 😉

Zip lining. Mexican food. And sorbet. Not a bad day in my book.

xoxo emmy


green bean pepper fry.

Who doesn’t like a good stir-fry?

I mean, they’re simple and they’re the best.

Egg Muffin



  1. Cook ground turkey with oil, garlic, basil, & parsley.
  2. Add green beans, bell peppers, soy sauce, & lemon juice.
  3. Put cover over skillet and steam until green beans are tender.
  4. Add salt & pepper to taste.
  5. Serve over quinoa


Happy cooking!


Enjoy this fresh stir fry!

xoxo emmy

year twenty-six. day two.

Day two. It started with some morning yoga. I had some Shakeology. I cuddled with the kids I nanny. I had some delicious tacos with a fellow “July Baby” friend of mine to celebrate our existence.


My friends know the way to my heart.


And guacamole.

One of the good things about your birthday, is that you have the opportunity to drag your friends to places that may come across “boring” to some. Aka, art museums. Thankfully, my dear friend Katherine didn’t put up too much of a fight, given the fact that her degree is in fine arts.


So we headed to MOCA Jacksonville to check out some contemporary art. One of my favorite parts about going to art museums is ease dropping on people talking about their interpretation of the pieces. One day I’ll be able to “talk art” with those art fanatics. Right now, I’m in the “This looks good, so awesome!” commentary phase. Bear with me, you art-knowledgeable people! I’m getting there.



I think it’s safe to say that the Art Explorium was a favorite spot of ours in the museum, given the fact that we are both nannies. You heard, “Dude! My kids would love this place” rather frequently from us.


After dodging the security guards to snap some pictures at MOCA, we headed to Sweet Pete’s Candy. I like to refer to it as “Jacksonville’s Willy Wonka Factory.” Knowing that Katherine has never been, I knew it would be worth toughing out the heat to walk over the whole one block. Sure enough, she was in heaven. Unfortunately, it was also torture for her because she was in the midst of a cleanse and couldn’t partake in the delicacies.


We finished the day off with her “accidentally” cheating on her cleanse by “buying me a birthday cupcake” from a local bookstore. I mean, that happens. Right?


The end.

Ha! Just kidding. We’re half way there. Stay tuned for more festivity posts from this girl coming up!

P.S. That other girl in the pictures- yeah, she likes to travel the world. Check out her blog here13621373_10154390713588060_1667360119_o

xoxo emmy

year twenty-six. day one.

This last week I turned twenty-six years old. I’m now over a quarter of a century old. Last year I was able to say, “Now I’m old enough to rent a car!” This year I said, “I’m one year closer to getting those killer savings with that AARP discount!” I’m just kidding, I didn’t really say that, but hey- it’s not untrue. 😉

For some, getting older can be a sour topic because it can remind them of the things that they’ve missed out on or compare where we are in life to others and those thoughts can trump a time of celebration. I’ll be honest, that has been me until this year. This year, I can say I’m no longer that person!


This year:

  1. My style has been described as “boho hobo” and found that it’s strangely accurate.
  2. I became a morning person.
  3. I learned the value of sleep and it’s okay to be known as “the granny.”
  4. I learned to not buy something, just because it’s on sale. Put that money towards my next adventure.
  5. I learned to say “no.”
  6. I found a love Thai and Asian food.
  7. I’ve taken on yoga.
  8. I have morning and night routines, like a granny. And I get strangely excited explaining them to people.
  9. I learned that acupuncture is my saving grace.
  10. I’ve learned that tears aren’t always a bad thing.
  11. I learned that crockpots are BOSS.
  12. Exercising is finally my happy place.
  13. I really upped my emoji game.
  14. I’ve put my dog on about four different vitamins/supplements to ensure that he lives forever.
  15. I learned that painting is the perfect activity for a rainy day accompanied by some hot tea.
  16. I break it down at weddings. Just call me “Ms. Wedding.”
  17. I like to invest in leather journals from time to time because it makes my heart happy.
  18. I learned it’s okay to be a homebody and just read books.
  19. I’ve grown in my walk with Christ and He has helped me overcome many internal battles.
  20. I stopped my silent, constant comparison battle.
  21. I’ve learned to be more conscious of my changing my mindset from my go-to anxious heart to a mindset of assurance that Christ is in control.
  22. I’ve focused on my health and fitness. Not for the “perfect beach bod” but to fight for my health and grow more confidently in myself.
  23. I learned that the power of prayer is a force not to be reckoned with.
  24. I became more comfortable in my skin.
  25. I learned to follow my heart, even when others question my choices, I am still confident.
  26. I realized I’m a pretty rad human being.

See how I listed twenty-six things and I just turned twenty-six? Super clever and original, I know.

To celebrate my twenty-sixth year of breathing, I started off with some kayaking with my padre for a few hours!


We then ended the day with tacos. Shocking, I know.


Stay tuned. This was only the beginning of my birthday festivities! Here’s a little preview of posts to come!


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xoxo emmy

transformed health.

“Your health has completely transformed over the last years. Even despite your health scares you’ve had, your health is far better than it was in your early twenties. What ever you’re doing is working.”


Hearing that made my year. This week I’ve had my annual Doctor appointments. It consisted of them clearing out all the medicine I had been prescribed in the past from my file. Anxiety medicine, sleeping medicine, migraine medicine, blood pressure medicine, B12 shots, etc.

Working out, focusing on my nutrition, and listening to what my body is telling me has changed my health. I used to see my primary every two-three months because I wore my body down. Now he greets me with “Long time, no see.”

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve learned to say no and how to balance life and responsibilities. I have a rested energy. I’ve turned into a granny, meaning I’m getting the right amount of sleep (sleep has been a game changer for me). I’m using Chinese medicine to help with my issues that I have compared to heavy steroids. I’ve turned into a morning person who works out at least five times a week. Not so I have can flaunt my weight loss, but so that my health is flourishing and the best it can.

My novel is coming to an end, I promise! If you have questions on how to better your health, I’m here! I’m not a professional by any means, but I’ve come a long way! The resources that Beachbody has and my teams accountability helped transform my health. Or figuring out the beginning steps in bettering your health!

The end!

xoxo emmy