transformed health.

“Your health has completely transformed over the last years. Even despite your health scares you’ve had, your health is far better than it was in your early twenties. What ever you’re doing is working.”


Hearing that made my year. This week I’ve had my annual Doctor appointments. It consisted of them clearing out all the medicine I had been prescribed in the past from my file. Anxiety medicine, sleeping medicine, migraine medicine, blood pressure medicine, B12 shots, etc.

Working out, focusing on my nutrition, and listening to what my body is telling me has changed my health. I used to see my primary every two-three months because I wore my body down. Now he greets me with “Long time, no see.”

I’m so proud of how far I’ve come. I’ve learned to say no and how to balance life and responsibilities. I have a rested energy. I’ve turned into a granny, meaning I’m getting the right amount of sleep (sleep has been a game changer for me). I’m using Chinese medicine to help with my issues that I have compared to heavy steroids. I’ve turned into a morning person who works out at least five times a week. Not so I have can flaunt my weight loss, but so that my health is flourishing and the best it can.

My novel is coming to an end, I promise! If you have questions on how to better your health, I’m here! I’m not a professional by any means, but I’ve come a long way! The resources that Beachbody has and my teams accountability helped transform my health. Or figuring out the beginning steps in bettering your health!

The end!

xoxo emmy


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