year twenty-six. day two.

Day two. It started with some morning yoga. I had some Shakeology. I cuddled with the kids I nanny. I had some delicious tacos with a fellow “July Baby” friend of mine to celebrate our existence.


My friends know the way to my heart.


And guacamole.

One of the good things about your birthday, is that you have the opportunity to drag your friends to places that may come across “boring” to some. Aka, art museums. Thankfully, my dear friend Katherine didn’t put up too much of a fight, given the fact that her degree is in fine arts.


So we headed to MOCA Jacksonville to check out some contemporary art. One of my favorite parts about going to art museums is ease dropping on people talking about their interpretation of the pieces. One day I’ll be able to “talk art” with those art fanatics. Right now, I’m in the “This looks good, so awesome!” commentary phase. Bear with me, you art-knowledgeable people! I’m getting there.



I think it’s safe to say that the Art Explorium was a favorite spot of ours in the museum, given the fact that we are both nannies. You heard, “Dude! My kids would love this place” rather frequently from us.


After dodging the security guards to snap some pictures at MOCA, we headed to Sweet Pete’s Candy. I like to refer to it as “Jacksonville’s Willy Wonka Factory.” Knowing that Katherine has never been, I knew it would be worth toughing out the heat to walk over the whole one block. Sure enough, she was in heaven. Unfortunately, it was also torture for her because she was in the midst of a cleanse and couldn’t partake in the delicacies.


We finished the day off with her “accidentally” cheating on her cleanse by “buying me a birthday cupcake” from a local bookstore. I mean, that happens. Right?


The end.

Ha! Just kidding. We’re half way there. Stay tuned for more festivity posts from this girl coming up!

P.S. That other girl in the pictures- yeah, she likes to travel the world. Check out her blog here13621373_10154390713588060_1667360119_o

xoxo emmy


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