year twenty-six. day three.

“I was like Jane swinging tree to tree looking for my Tarzan.”

How I explained day three of birthday festivities.

So, Day 3 started with a drive to Ocala, Florida for some zip lining. I’ve always had zip lining on my bucket list. The thought of it seemed exhilarating yet terrifying. The perfect combination, right?!


One of my dear lady friends’ birthday is a mere week from mine. Naturally, I proposed in honor of us being the two grannies of the group, and we should kick off year twenty-six with some zip lining! Out of the six of us, we could only persuade one of them to bark on this adventure with us. While we were out flying tree to tree, they were busy praying that we didn’t die. Well, that’s what I like to think.


The instructors were wonderful! They helped ease anyone whose nerves were heightened. They made sure they knew all of our names before leaving for the tour and made sure we were comfortable. The property was also gorgeous! When searching for places that offered zip lining, I found some local places that would have been a shorter drive. But what stood out about “Zip The Canyons”, was the scenery! We were zip lining past cliff walls and lakes, not just climbing up a tree to fly over dirt. It was well worth the two-hour drive.


They have two different tours. We chose the Express tour that consisted of five zip lines and one rope bridge, which took about 1.5 hours, a/k/a the shorter one, so we can test out the waters.

Jalen is awesome and got a GoPro to document out adventure and made this!
Thanks, Jalen!




After our zip lining adventure, we freshened up to grab dinner with our scaredy cats to grab some Mexican food. Shocking, I know. We then finished by grabbing some ice cream (or sorbet for my lactose-intolerant life) at one of my favorite creameries in Avondale.

I was reallyy forcing that smile. I see it, we all see it. Don’t judge me. It’s not nice to judge. 😉

Zip lining. Mexican food. And sorbet. Not a bad day in my book.

xoxo emmy


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