year twenty-six. day four.

It’s here, the closing post of my birthday celebrations.


First off, I’m not sure if this holds true for every women, but when I turned twenty-five my hormones went haywire!

Sorry gentlemen, but hey! You’re reading a woman’s blog, so “girl topics” were bound to happen sooner or later.

My skin changed, hence me being a proud owner of just 80% of Mario Badescue’s skin care line. And my gosh! My emotions just went crazy. I’ve always been that person to say, “I never cry at movies. Minus that one time when I watched Air Bud.” Now, I’ll watch a random commercial and I’m doing the whole “I’ve got something in my eye” cover up while the kids I nanny ask if I stubbed my toe or something.

We go through changes and trials as years go on- whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This last year, while facing some battles, I’ve been reminded of the importance of surrounding yourself around people who encourage you and you don’t need to handle life and its stress by yourself.


With that being said, I spent the last day of weekend festivities on Pottsburg Creek for some kayaking with some of the most precious people in my life. As we paddled in the Florida heat, covered in sunblock, I was explained how PokemonGo works and their hunting stories! Some had to do with running down streets in the middle of the night and some had to do cemeteries. If you ever want entertaining stories, ask someone if they’ve ever had any PokemonGo drama. It’s gold.

After our outdoor adventures, I stopped by a friends house to pick up a gift and was surprised with cake and wine. To some, a birthday cake is a normal annual thing. But your girl hasn’t had a real-life birthday cake in years. So it was just “the icing on the cake.” #LaughingEmoji 😉

I’m so blessed to have such wonderful Christ-like people in my life. To keep me accountable. To encourage, entertain, and support me. And I couldn’t be more grateful!

To top off the weekend, I was given the most “Emmy present” of all time.


xoxo emmy


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