let’s go.


Last night when I posted my GOODBYE pictures in a fitness group I realized something: I’m not hating or battling myself when looking at my BEFORE pictures.

While yes, I have LOTS of improvements that need and are going to happen, I’m not mad at myself. Though my pictures aren’t of a “fit person” just yet, I still see the progress I’ve made. That has never the case with before pictures. I’ve been one to compare and battle myself.

This last year I’ve faced cancer and disease scares which were accompanied with countless medical tests. Through it, I’ve learned that I can be disciplined in my health & fitness and now it’s the time to show it physically. Where as before I doubted if I could be consistent and carry out my goals.

So, get ready to see lots of #EmmyGetsFit on that Instagram and here to document this transformation šŸ˜‰

xoxo emmy.


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