downtown atlanta.

A 2:00 a.m. bus ride to the ATL.

That’s how I started my weekend get away for some outdoor adventures.


I’m not a fan of driving and I found that a ticket through MegaBus would be cheaper on gas. My seatmate took up a good portion of my seat, and landed me a good 30 minutes of sleep. Other than that, it was nice not needing to drive through and battle with rush hour traffic.

Once arriving to downtown Atlanta, I aimlessly strolled around while searching for a breakfast joint.



After fueling up on a fruit cup and breakfast sandwich I set my sights on the aquarium. I visited when I was younger, but wanted to check it out the highly talked about spot again.




As I went through the tunnel, I had a flashback of the last time I had been there. The twelve-year-old Emmy rushed through it because she was scared of there being a crack in the glass and traumatically drowning or getting eating by one of the sharks. Kids and their imagination. Am I right?

After checking out some sea life, I took the most awkward UBER drive to search for tacos.

Dear Uber Driver,
I’m not sure as to how you landed that five-star rating because passing gas isn’t good customer service.
Thankfully it was a short drive.
My dead nose hairs.


Where did I find such fine cuisine? In the City Hall that is full of artisan chefs at Ponce City Market. The market is home to multiple workplaces with the lower levels being full of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and places to hang out.




Inside the architecture, it is pretty easy on the eyes, and the Beltline has a view full of greenery and blue skies.




I then took another UBER to my childhood house, which was a good 30 miles north of downtown Atlanta. Upon arriving in Acworth the driver said, “Wow. I feel like only old people live out here. This is like a DUI asking to happen.” God bless that twenty-one year old lad.

I jumped in the shower and took a five-hour nap until my dad got home. Those 30 minutes of sleep and all the walking caught up with me.

Final thoughts?

It was fun to have a day to wander around the city and explore for myself, while taking time to linger and take in the atmosphere of difference places.

This was only the beginning of an action packed weekend. Stay tuned for our white water rafting and hiking adventures!



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