workout milestone.

I had lunch with with one of my sweet mentors last week and she asked how I have time for myself because I’m typically on the go all the time. My answer: All I need is my Jesus time and my sweat time. Those are my stress relievers and “me time.”

My workouts help me escape for 20-40 minutes. Currently, I have lots things on my plate accompanied by a decent amount of stress.

Today’s workout was a milestone for me. It was my first emotional workout.

In the middle of the work out I just stopped and let it go. Caught my breath and pressed play again.


In my spiritual walk I tell myself, “If God carried me get through that struggle, he can help me through this. He’s got this under control.”

In my physical journey I tell myself, “If I can get through this rep, I can do the next. I’m strong enough to do this.”

This is how I keep my sanity.



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