pine mountain.

Little fact about me: I love mountains.


So, with my dad living a mere twenty minutes away from some mountains, it was a must to go on a trail.

Mountains make my Floridian-self so happy!

I would say the hike was a wonderful but I’d be lying. Combine a pounding migraine with hiking up-mountain it was quite a trek.

But mountain views makes it all better, am I right?


Eventually, I caught up with my speed hiker of a family at the top and got to take in some pretty scenery.



We finished the day with some korean food and visiting the church where my brother was born.


Twenty-one years ago, my parents couldn’t make it to the hospital in time so my mom gave birth to Tummy Timmy at our church. Which has since then turned into a korean church. Tim thought he ought to take a picture with the church sign in the fetal position.


Dean Mountains,

I will see you soon.


That Floridian Girl.



Please note the post white water rafting injury bandages.



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