susannah grace.

A few weeks ago I posted here about a baby shower I helped throw for one of my best friends.

You definitely could grasp the eagerness and excitement just about the shower.

Imagine my excitement after waking up to this voicemail.

Ecstatic is an understatement.

Here’s a little glimpse of my emotions in a Facebook post I woke in the wee hours of the morning while camping out at the hospital.


Dear sweet Susannah,

When I woke up to your dad’s voicemail saying, “You have a niece!” I did the happy dance as I blew up daddy and grandma’s phone until someone picked up. In my defense, I told mommy that I’d be obnoxious when I you’d get here. The amount of excitement has been too much to handle.

After parking in the garage and entering two wrong buildings, I finally found “the gold elevator” that would bring me to the Labor & Delivery floor.


I walked in to you in daddy’s arms talking to Aunt Amber while mommy was resting.


I got hold your 6 pound 7-ounce human self when you were a mere six hours old!

You were so eager to meet me you came a week early.

I don’t blame you.

I’m pretty awesome.

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you my ways. 😉

Daddy’s feet wanted to make an appearance in our first selfie.

As the day progressed your mommy had some boo boo’s. But mom dealt with each boo boo with an unbelievable amount of strength and grace. Your mommy is indeed a super hero. And your daddy was a trooper. He doesn’t like all the yucky, sticky stuff but he stayed super strong for you and your mommy.

Can I tell you a secret?!

Your parents are super heroes!

You are just SO lucky.

As I sit next to your mommy, holding you at 2:15am while mom and dad finally sleep, I’d never anticipated the admiration and love I’d have for you and your mommy. Looking back at all the times your mommy and me shared. We knew each other in the stone ages when phones didn’t have Bluetooth OR even Internet.

One thing I always knew, even back then, was that Ali was going to be there great mom. So, you lucked out Ms. Susannah.


I can’t wait to see Ali mother you.

I can’t wait to see you teach her things.

I can’t wait to see daddy scare off your future boyfriends.

I can’t wait to see you grow.

I can’t wait to get in trouble with you.

Welcome to the world, Susannah Grace.

It’s a prettier place with you in it.

Auntie Emmy



Seeing the hospital room filled with countless bags it reassured me that mom would always have any and every “baby essential” on hand all times.


Seeing people pack into the hospital room eating birthday cake to celebrate Susannah’s birth made my sweet tooth happy.

Seeing MiMi take thousands of pictures of everything made my photographer’s heart smile.

Candid photo. MiMi’s constantly smiling at that angel.

Celebrating Susannah’s life with sparkling apple cider in the hospital room made for precious Hallmark moment.


Seeing Ali fight through unforeseen post partum complications with a silent strength and grace made me admire her only 100 times more.


Seeing the Ali’s eyes light up when she saw the new dad hold their daughter made my heart want to burst.


Seeing Jonathan hold Baby Susannah to calm himself made my heart smile.


Seeing Ali staying up all hours of the night nursing and caring for Susannah reinforced what I already knew:

That she’s going to be phenomenal mother.


Being able to help the new mom and dad with baby made me cherish every moment of Baby Susannah’s first few days.


At the beginning of that week I had five cancellations. That has never happened. Three full days free of all nanny responsibilities. Usually I’d be rather bummed about that.

Now, I truly believe that was God saying I should be on auntie patrol.

Be on Doozer Duty and feed the pets at the home front.

Make runs home to grab things from the nursery.

Hold Ali’s hand through hard times.

Hold baby when mom and dad rest.

Steal their house key and decorate it with everything fall.

P.S. Ali has a gigantic obsession with autumn. 

One of my friends was able to drop off countless homemade meals at the hospital and still accommodate my lactose intolerant self.


She asked, “How long should I stay? How long do people usually stay?”

My response: “Don’t ask me. I’ve been here for three days.”


The day came that I had to leave the new family of three behind and let them fend for themselves.


“We’re going to have something missing with Auntie Emmy not here tonight.”

P.S. Fall decorations combined with sleep deprivation made for a fairly hilarious DIY creation.


… that they’ll probably hide in the closet to insure no one sees it.

I may have swaddled this in their bassinet. You know, just to insure they saw this masterpiece.

Don’t worry. There were still goodies that the family came home to that they’d actually use.


Yes, I got treats for Doozer.

He’s no longer the center of attention. I figured some doggie treats would help ease his pain.



Click on pictures to enlarge and see captions


To see the adventures of Auntie Emmy and Susannah Grace be sure to check #TheAuntieEmmy on IG for some epic photos.




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