little grand canyon.

It’s here!

The closing post from my Atlanta trip. That was almost two months ago.

I apparently like to take my time in posting my little excursions.

It is what it is!

As Katie and I headed back south, she knew of a good spot for some hiking before heading home. She said it was like a mini grand canyon.

She was right.

One of Georgia’s State Parks is called Providence Canyon has been referred to as “The Little Grand Canyon.”


*Click to enlarge photos*


Living in Florida, I’m used to everything flat. This little hike made my hiker’s heart flutter.

Please excuse poor photo quality. My GoPro did it’s best!


The gullies are a result of poor farming practices in the 1800’s. Though it didn’t work in the lands favor, it makes for a gorgeous site for people to explore.


Discovering water on the ground is a common find when walking in some of the deepest canyons.

Due to my work schedule we could only explore for an hour. So we got a little taste of the wonderful spot and definitely have it on my list of places to visit again for a time when we aren’t in a hurry.


With that little hike under our belts we had most definitely worked up an appetite and headed to Thomasville, Georgia to grab some grub. Downtown Thomasville is a quaint little city with brick-paved streets, unique shops and restaurants with tasty food for a pair of hunger hikers.



We ended the day with a spot to meet Katie’s dog crush from Instagram.


A golden doodle.

It was love at first woof.




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