it started as wanting to shred a few pounds.

Fun fact: I stinking love weddings.

There is a reason why they call me “Ms. Wedding.”

Okay, so I may have given myself that name.


it makes my point get across.

I will straight throw down on a wedding dance floor.

*Please note: I’m not claiming to have dance skills. 
We’re talking about cupid shuffle, electric slide, & white people moves.

But I’m committed.


That has most definitely has NOT always been the case.

One of my friends once described “High School Emmy” as an introvert.

I was not the “first one on the dance floor” girl.

 I might have participated if the dance floor was crowded and I blended in.


This week, I was talking to my BeachBody team about how I need to focus more on my nutrition and fitness because I’ve been teetering around the same weight for a bit too long.

Don’t worry, I’m not undermining my progress.

Though, at a point you need to improve your commitment and not give yourself too much slack if you want to produce better results.


While I’ve been talking to others and creating accountability, I’m finding that I’m not discouraged by where I am in this journey. I’m still able to acknowledge the progress I’ve made. One of those being, five year ago, you would have needed to drag me on to an empty dance floor.


While I still have those introverted ways,

… that odd introvert AND extravert life…

I can say I’ve grown in becoming more comfortable in myself.

At least, enough to let loose on a dance floor and embrace my goofy white girl moves.

I know that confidence in myself improves from actively bettering my health and continuously finding more freedom in my identity of Christ.


So thankful for that point in my life where my health was horrific.

Sleeping medicine.
Blood pressure medicine.
Weekly B12 shots.
Daily Anxiety attacks.

While that chapter in my life royally sucked, it forced me to begin on this journey of bettering my health. That motivation overflowed into my faith and emotional health.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just our physical health. it’s our well being as a whole.

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged me while on this journey of bettering my health! I couldn’t have done it with out y’all!



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