sports week.

Toddler Tuesday!

So if you’ve met me, you’ll typically gather that I’m a nanny fairly quickly.

I usually can’t go very long in a conversation with out telling some outrageously funny story about something that one of my kids have said or done. It’s gotten to the point where I try to make a conscious effort to not bombard people with endless pictures or stories of adorable children.

The last year and half I’ve nannied for multiple wonderful families, whom I love to the moon and back. However, this summer I’m with one super rad family of three little rascals. So, this summer I’m trying some new ideas I’ve seen other nannies implement into their summer routines.

Every week is a themed week! With that theme there are crafts and activities that correspond this it.

Can you guess what theme was the first to debut?


Now, before we dig into everything sports, I wanted to do a little something to start the summer off.

It’s no secret of how quickly kids grow up. You blink your eyes and they go from barely speaking full sentences to having a fully-involved chatter box personality. So I made this sheet to have a nifty “before picture” for our summer adventures. My hope is these tiny humans grow maybe a centimeter or two.

Stay young, you little ones!

Untitled design (1).jpg

Please note that last answer.


Confession Time:

I grossly overestimated how long my activities and crafts were going to take.

On Monday, we’d sit down for a craft that would I anticipate would take about thirty minutes.


They did that craft in TEN minutes.

So, we may or may not have done all the crafts and activities I had planned for the whole week, in one day.


But boy did I learn my lesson! This week is much smoother and strategically planned out, after finding how quick these little humans are!



Thankfully, Pinterest is my forever saving grace! #PraiseHandsEmoji

I found more sports and rainy day (courtesy to hurricane season approaching) activities to fill up our day!


With little trips to museums and parks, I managed to get their energy out just in time nap time/quiet time!

Click here to find every thing sports-themed activities and crafts!


Can we applaud these kids on their resourcefulness? We couldn’t find scarfs or bandanas to serve as a blindfold. They improve with long-sleeved shirts! 


One of the things I implemented through the week are these Kindness Jars as a positive reinforcement system.

How it works:

Through out the week I’ll jot down times when they were being extra helpful, kind, etc. Then, every evening the parents pull the jars down from the mantle and celebrate the kind notes.

My hope is for the kids to be extra motivated to be extra kind/helpful/etc every day.

The more “kind notes” the kids received, the more surprises they would receive on Fridays.


The Surprise Day!

It helps that the kids are naturally precious spirits, but I’d like to think that those little “kind notes” had a little influence 😉

So Friday was a rather full day!

The day was full of bakery visits, park visits, bowling, and topped off with some tasty pizza.

I’d say any week full of paper baseball crafts and chocolate pudding makes for a good week!


What theme shall be next?!



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