under the sea week.

Happy Toddler Tuesday!

This week’s theme entailed lots of sunblock and sand in my car.

Please note:

Every time we pile into my little scion, the kids chant, “adventure time in Emmy’s box car.”

Ninety percent of the time they make a little song out of it.

Never a dull moment, I tell ya!

Under the Sea.jpg


This week to avoid last week’s dilemma of doing all the crafts in one day, I spread out the activities and crafts.

You can find such things here.

My mom boss sent me a blog that gave me a plethora of ideas on outings in our area, which helped a sister out! #PraiseHandsEmoji


Anything that has to do with paint is a huge hit for my younger two. Thankfully, I found a craft that required NO BRUSHES! Washing paint brushes can become a pesky little task, so when I see a craft that entails paper, paint, and celery… It’s a winner in my book.

click on pictures to enlarge

Paint projects mean lots of paper towels. Empty paper towel rolls makes for yet another ocean creature craft!


Soon enough, we had an aquarium full of paper ocean creatures!


Finally, we ended the week with one of the messiest crafts I’ve done to date.

…It was me that made the mess.


Despite my butterfingers, the kids loved getting their fingers full of sticky substances and sculpting abstract versions of sea creatures and sea shells 😉


Every Friday is our Surprise Day! Though, I’m sure it wasn’t much of a surprise for my nanny kids, given the theme of the week.


We packed my little box car full of snacks, water, beach towels, and lots of sunscreen and headed to Hanna Beach.


Can I say Hanna Park is the place to go! I wanted to go to a beach that wasn’t crowded, to help my #NannyBrain and make it a smidgen easier to keep tabs on my nanny kids.

The park also has a pretty epic splash park and play groud that has a kid safe zip line.



So, there it is!

Under the Sea Week!

Full of messy crafts, multiple part trips, and beach day!

I’d say it was a good week 😉


Oh yeah, I also got to help Flash make a gift for his dad.

So that was cool.




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