my little venture.

Ah, my first fitness post in a while.

Where to start?

First, some back-story:

Growing up, I was always mindful of my weight. Thankfully, I can say that I never obsessed about the number on the scale, but I was aware of it. I was “gently reminded” by some about the importance exercise and eating clean. The subtleness was a tad lacking.

Starting in high school I went to the local gym a couple times a week and would chose salads about 70% of the time, but that was the extent of healthy choices.

In my early twenties, I was in a “auto pilot” phase of life; aka zombie mode. I was sixty pounds overweight and on a handful of medication courtesy of emotional eating and not taking care of myself.

That’s when my weight loss journey began. I’ve fallen off the wagon at times. Life gets crazy. It happens. Exercising and meal prep have been put on the back burner.

Though, without fail I’ve always found myself back to wanting to focus on my health during each chapter of life.

Over the last year, I’ve finally gotten to a place of consistency. I can accredit that motivation of that consistency to a series of health scares I’ve faced the last couple years.

Turns out have a handful of cancer scares can change a mindset when it comes to your health.

Who would have guessed such a thing? Haha.

All that to say…

Welcome to an inside glimpse of my new little venture!

This week I’ve started a new workout program called 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Why am I sharing this?

I want to keep myself extra accountable.

I also like to put my thoughts into words. I’ve found through writing and blogging, I can reminisce different adventures of life.

With this venture I’m sure that there are…

Others that have faced not so subtle remarks on your health.

Others that have worked themselves into the ground and found your health frail.

Others that battle emotional eating.

Others that have had health scares that have left you bewildered.


So, here we are!

Sharing my journey one post at a time. I’m currently on day four of this 21DFX venture! I’ll be checking in at once a week on where I am.

In the meantime, you can find me here or on Instagram at @emmalynanne.




it started as wanting to shred a few pounds.

Fun fact: I stinking love weddings.

There is a reason why they call me “Ms. Wedding.”

Okay, so I may have given myself that name.


it makes my point get across.

I will straight throw down on a wedding dance floor.

*Please note: I’m not claiming to have dance skills. 
We’re talking about cupid shuffle, electric slide, & white people moves.

But I’m committed.


That has most definitely has NOT always been the case.

One of my friends once described “High School Emmy” as an introvert.

I was not the “first one on the dance floor” girl.

 I might have participated if the dance floor was crowded and I blended in.


This week, I was talking to my BeachBody team about how I need to focus more on my nutrition and fitness because I’ve been teetering around the same weight for a bit too long.

Don’t worry, I’m not undermining my progress.

Though, at a point you need to improve your commitment and not give yourself too much slack if you want to produce better results.


While I’ve been talking to others and creating accountability, I’m finding that I’m not discouraged by where I am in this journey. I’m still able to acknowledge the progress I’ve made. One of those being, five year ago, you would have needed to drag me on to an empty dance floor.


While I still have those introverted ways,

… that odd introvert AND extravert life…

I can say I’ve grown in becoming more comfortable in myself.

At least, enough to let loose on a dance floor and embrace my goofy white girl moves.

I know that confidence in myself improves from actively bettering my health and continuously finding more freedom in my identity of Christ.


So thankful for that point in my life where my health was horrific.

Sleeping medicine.
Blood pressure medicine.
Weekly B12 shots.
Daily Anxiety attacks.

While that chapter in my life royally sucked, it forced me to begin on this journey of bettering my health. That motivation overflowed into my faith and emotional health.

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just our physical health. it’s our well being as a whole.

I wanted to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has encouraged me while on this journey of bettering my health! I couldn’t have done it with out y’all!


little grand canyon.

It’s here!

The closing post from my Atlanta trip. That was almost two months ago.

I apparently like to take my time in posting my little excursions.

It is what it is!

As Katie and I headed back south, she knew of a good spot for some hiking before heading home. She said it was like a mini grand canyon.

She was right.

One of Georgia’s State Parks is called Providence Canyon has been referred to as “The Little Grand Canyon.”


*Click to enlarge photos*


Living in Florida, I’m used to everything flat. This little hike made my hiker’s heart flutter.

Please excuse poor photo quality. My GoPro did it’s best!


The gullies are a result of poor farming practices in the 1800’s. Though it didn’t work in the lands favor, it makes for a gorgeous site for people to explore.


Discovering water on the ground is a common find when walking in some of the deepest canyons.

Due to my work schedule we could only explore for an hour. So we got a little taste of the wonderful spot and definitely have it on my list of places to visit again for a time when we aren’t in a hurry.


With that little hike under our belts we had most definitely worked up an appetite and headed to Thomasville, Georgia to grab some grub. Downtown Thomasville is a quaint little city with brick-paved streets, unique shops and restaurants with tasty food for a pair of hunger hikers.



We ended the day with a spot to meet Katie’s dog crush from Instagram.


A golden doodle.

It was love at first woof.



susannah grace.

A few weeks ago I posted here about a baby shower I helped throw for one of my best friends.

You definitely could grasp the eagerness and excitement just about the shower.

Imagine my excitement after waking up to this voicemail.

Ecstatic is an understatement.

Here’s a little glimpse of my emotions in a Facebook post I woke in the wee hours of the morning while camping out at the hospital.


Dear sweet Susannah,

When I woke up to your dad’s voicemail saying, “You have a niece!” I did the happy dance as I blew up daddy and grandma’s phone until someone picked up. In my defense, I told mommy that I’d be obnoxious when I you’d get here. The amount of excitement has been too much to handle.

After parking in the garage and entering two wrong buildings, I finally found “the gold elevator” that would bring me to the Labor & Delivery floor.


I walked in to you in daddy’s arms talking to Aunt Amber while mommy was resting.


I got hold your 6 pound 7-ounce human self when you were a mere six hours old!

You were so eager to meet me you came a week early.

I don’t blame you.

I’m pretty awesome.

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you my ways. 😉

Daddy’s feet wanted to make an appearance in our first selfie.

As the day progressed your mommy had some boo boo’s. But mom dealt with each boo boo with an unbelievable amount of strength and grace. Your mommy is indeed a super hero. And your daddy was a trooper. He doesn’t like all the yucky, sticky stuff but he stayed super strong for you and your mommy.

Can I tell you a secret?!

Your parents are super heroes!

You are just SO lucky.

As I sit next to your mommy, holding you at 2:15am while mom and dad finally sleep, I’d never anticipated the admiration and love I’d have for you and your mommy. Looking back at all the times your mommy and me shared. We knew each other in the stone ages when phones didn’t have Bluetooth OR even Internet.

One thing I always knew, even back then, was that Ali was going to be there great mom. So, you lucked out Ms. Susannah.


I can’t wait to see Ali mother you.

I can’t wait to see you teach her things.

I can’t wait to see daddy scare off your future boyfriends.

I can’t wait to see you grow.

I can’t wait to get in trouble with you.

Welcome to the world, Susannah Grace.

It’s a prettier place with you in it.

Auntie Emmy



Seeing the hospital room filled with countless bags it reassured me that mom would always have any and every “baby essential” on hand all times.


Seeing people pack into the hospital room eating birthday cake to celebrate Susannah’s birth made my sweet tooth happy.

Seeing MiMi take thousands of pictures of everything made my photographer’s heart smile.

Candid photo. MiMi’s constantly smiling at that angel.

Celebrating Susannah’s life with sparkling apple cider in the hospital room made for precious Hallmark moment.


Seeing Ali fight through unforeseen post partum complications with a silent strength and grace made me admire her only 100 times more.


Seeing the Ali’s eyes light up when she saw the new dad hold their daughter made my heart want to burst.


Seeing Jonathan hold Baby Susannah to calm himself made my heart smile.


Seeing Ali staying up all hours of the night nursing and caring for Susannah reinforced what I already knew:

That she’s going to be phenomenal mother.


Being able to help the new mom and dad with baby made me cherish every moment of Baby Susannah’s first few days.


At the beginning of that week I had five cancellations. That has never happened. Three full days free of all nanny responsibilities. Usually I’d be rather bummed about that.

Now, I truly believe that was God saying I should be on auntie patrol.

Be on Doozer Duty and feed the pets at the home front.

Make runs home to grab things from the nursery.

Hold Ali’s hand through hard times.

Hold baby when mom and dad rest.

Steal their house key and decorate it with everything fall.

P.S. Ali has a gigantic obsession with autumn. 

One of my friends was able to drop off countless homemade meals at the hospital and still accommodate my lactose intolerant self.


She asked, “How long should I stay? How long do people usually stay?”

My response: “Don’t ask me. I’ve been here for three days.”


The day came that I had to leave the new family of three behind and let them fend for themselves.


“We’re going to have something missing with Auntie Emmy not here tonight.”

P.S. Fall decorations combined with sleep deprivation made for a fairly hilarious DIY creation.


… that they’ll probably hide in the closet to insure no one sees it.

I may have swaddled this in their bassinet. You know, just to insure they saw this masterpiece.

Don’t worry. There were still goodies that the family came home to that they’d actually use.


Yes, I got treats for Doozer.

He’s no longer the center of attention. I figured some doggie treats would help ease his pain.



Click on pictures to enlarge and see captions


To see the adventures of Auntie Emmy and Susannah Grace be sure to check #TheAuntieEmmy on IG for some epic photos.



pine mountain.

Little fact about me: I love mountains.


So, with my dad living a mere twenty minutes away from some mountains, it was a must to go on a trail.

Mountains make my Floridian-self so happy!

I would say the hike was a wonderful but I’d be lying. Combine a pounding migraine with hiking up-mountain it was quite a trek.

But mountain views makes it all better, am I right?


Eventually, I caught up with my speed hiker of a family at the top and got to take in some pretty scenery.



We finished the day with some korean food and visiting the church where my brother was born.


Twenty-one years ago, my parents couldn’t make it to the hospital in time so my mom gave birth to Tummy Timmy at our church. Which has since then turned into a korean church. Tim thought he ought to take a picture with the church sign in the fetal position.


Dean Mountains,

I will see you soon.


That Floridian Girl.



Please note the post white water rafting injury bandages.


rock out… with your crock out!

Even though it doesn’t feel like it just yet, FALL IS COMING!

Which means crockpots are a tad more popular for all those yummy hot meals.

Little fact about me: I’m kinda sorta a crockpot FANATIC all months of the year.


Starting Septempter 26th I’ll have an online event, “Rock Out with you Crock Out!,” sharing some of my favorite crockpot recipes. PERFECT for feeding your whole family or to get your meal prep off to a yummy start with less work.

If you want in on this action visit my Facebook page here and let’s connect!


workout milestone.

I had lunch with with one of my sweet mentors last week and she asked how I have time for myself because I’m typically on the go all the time. My answer: All I need is my Jesus time and my sweat time. Those are my stress relievers and “me time.”

My workouts help me escape for 20-40 minutes. Currently, I have lots things on my plate accompanied by a decent amount of stress.

Today’s workout was a milestone for me. It was my first emotional workout.

In the middle of the work out I just stopped and let it go. Caught my breath and pressed play again.


In my spiritual walk I tell myself, “If God carried me get through that struggle, he can help me through this. He’s got this under control.”

In my physical journey I tell myself, “If I can get through this rep, I can do the next. I’m strong enough to do this.”

This is how I keep my sanity.