Why fitness?

Hi, friends!

My name is Emmalyn but you can call me Emmy.

Yes, like the award. I may have told my classes in elementary school that I signed all the Emmy awards and I’m 99.5% sure they believed me.

I’m fiercely loved by Christ.

I live in Florida but my heart always longs for chilly hikes in mountains.

I’m twenty-six years old.

I have a fur baby that goes by the name of Max.

He’s a special kind of special.

Special enough to have a fairly popular hashtag.



So, you’ve probably noticed that URL title.

Coach Emmalyn.

Coach? What do I coach?!


Yep. You read right. I tell people who to tackle and where to throw balls.

Nah. I’m just joshing around.

I’m a health and wellness coach.


What is that?

I’m pretty much a personal cheerleader and resource for those who are wanting more out of life and better their health in the process.

Some back-story.

In my early twenties, I downloaded Insanity from a friend and completely cut out eating out and made the same three healthy meals (aka the only healthy recipes I knew). I got connected with Beach Body and lost a good twenty-five pounds with a group of people that had this whole encouraging, family vibe going on.

That’s where it all started.

Life happened and I took a hiatus from focusing on my health. Fast forward to my mid-twenties; I got hit with three cancer scares and chronic migraines.

I think it’s safe to say that was my wake-up call to regain that focus on my health.

Now, at twenty-six years old:

I can say I dominate my workouts.

I can say I know how to listen to my body.

I can say I’m overcoming emotional eating habits.

I can say that I’m consistent in showing up in my health.

I can say I’m gaining confidence in overcoming my self-doubt.

I can say I throw down in the kitchen & make more than three health meals 😉


While on this journey of bettering myself I’ve found a passion for helping others that have been in the same place as me. Others who know that they’re worth investing in but aren’t sure on where to start. They may only know three healthy recipes, like this one girl I used to know 😉


If you’re one of those “others” please reach out! Click here and let’s chat it up, yo! What’s the worst that could happen?